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Rochester, NY Personal Injury Lawyer

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Rochester NY Car Accident lawyer

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Rochester NY Slip and Fall Injury lawyer

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Rochester NY Truck accident lawyer

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A Personal Injury Law Firm

The entire staff from The Wright Firm, LLC law offices would like to welcome you to our website. An unfortunate accident has probably brought you here today and you may have many questions or concerns that need to be addressed. Any type of accident, whether a car accident, slip and fall, or a devastating wrongful death of a loved one is a tragic experience. Leaving you faced with many important decisions and require immediate legal attention. Our personal injury lawyers can help you by answering questions and handling the legal issue during this stressful time.
The Wright Firm, LLC law offices take pride in providing caring and passionate legal representation for our clients and their families in cases in which the negligence of another has caused injuries. Our legal team has skilled trial lawyers, who know effective ways to fight for your legal rights and how to use successful strategies in order to obtain the largest possible monetary verdicts and settlements.
Our personal injury law firm understands accident injury cases. We have handled car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accidents and dozens of other types of personal injuries cause by the negligence of another. No matter the injury, we understand your health and recovery is the top priority and our Rochester, New York personal injury lawyers will make sure you get the compensation your need to do that. We have the experience to help you with your personal injury case. A Rochester, New York accident law firm.
If you would like experienced representation, or, if you simply have questions regarding a potential negligence case, call 1-877-529-2047 The Wright Firm, LLC offices today to get a free case review by the experienced personal injury lawyers.
Our offices are located in Rochester, New York and Bennington, VT. Justice for you and your family starts now! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Call us today! We will fight for you!
No Fees Unless We Win.

How Much Will A Lawyer Cost?

The Wright Firm, LLC firm represents clients in personal injury law cases ranging from car and motorcycle accidents to slip and fall injuries and construction site accidents on a contingency fee basis. This means no attorneys’ fee is paid unless and until you obtain a settlement or verdict. You do not pay any initial costs or fees upfront to be represented for your injuries. more
Contact us today for a free initial consultation regarding your no fault or personal injury law case.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Many people make the mistake of trying to handle a case on their own without a lawyer. Insurance companies will immediately note you are unrepresented. They know the difficulties you’ll face against their lawyers, navigating the court system, and that you have little knowledge of the real value of your injuries, medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.
The Wright Firm, LLC will be able to aggressively advocate on your behalf and obtain the recovery you deserve.

Justice for you and your family starts now! 1-877-529-2047

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Wright Firm Law Office location in Rochester, NY
The Wright Firm, LLC
New York Office:
16 West Main St., Suite 212
Rochester, N.Y. 14614
Toll Free 1-877-529-2047
Office: 585-325-2020
Fax: 585-286-3114

Rochester, New York personal injury lawyer
We are available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

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Wright Firm Law Office location in Bennington, VT

The Wright Firm, LLC
Vermont Office:
204 South St.
Bennington, VT 05201
Toll Free 1-877-529-2047
Office: 802-447-2222
Fax: 802-735-1010

Bennington, Vermont personal injury lawyer
We are available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

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